On this page we will look back at life in the city during the war years. Here we will provide the visitor with the stories making the news, what was happening in sports and entertainment, city politics, the social scene and the prominent people at the time. We will also recount the events occurring in the war on that day. So, check back each day for new editions.

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Today’s forecast calls for overcast and partly cloudy skies with the high reaching 76° and the low this evening near 52°. Today the men of New Jersey will decide on amending the state constitution to permit women to vote. A heavy turnout has been reported in the large cities. In other news concerning the fair sex, the first citation to a woman for speeding in an automobile in New Jersey occurred today. The dubious honor falls upon a Philadelphia woman, Mrs. Margaret Champion, 30 years old of 3312 Race Street. She was stopped on the White Horse Pike in Camden. The officer who stopped her also noted that Mrs. Champion “sassed” him terribly. She was fined $5.00.

In crime news, Miss Margaret Colter, 4838 North 15th Street, has been ordered to keep the peace and placed on $300.00 bail as a result of a charged by her neighbor William Walton. Mr. Walton charged Miss Colter with calling him a murderer and encouraging neighborhood children to do the same. The dispute arose after Mr. Walton killed Miss Colter’s bulldog. He did so by picking it up by the tail and flinging it against a wall when it appeared the dog was attacking his wife. Miss Colter asserts the dog couldn’t do any harm because it had all its teeth extracted. But Magistrate Emely ruled that Mr. Walton couldn’t know that and even if he did it is impermissible to accuse Mr. Walton of murder.

In national news, the editor of the Purvis Booster in Purvis, Mississippi, Dr. Samuel Reese, killed Mr. Wiley Blackburn today, the editor of the rival newspaper, the Progressive Star. Apparently the men had a long standing disagreement.

On the sports scene, The Philadelphia Country Club’s women’s golf championship began to today with many of the finest women golfers participating. Mrs. Clarence Vanderbeck, Miss Florence McNeely, Miss Mildred Caverly, Miss Eleanor Chandler and Mrs. Burton Price are all expected to compete. There will be 3 days of match play with no qualifying round. In boxing at the Douglas A.C., 11th & Spring Garden, Southwark’s Lew Tendler meets Young Jack Toland of the 12th Ward. Four other bouts are also on the card.


Reports have been received from Belgium that the Germans have executed 5 women in Brussels on the charge of espionage. The women include a British nurse, Miss Edith Cavell (shown below) along with the Countess Jeanne de Belleville, Mme. Louise Thuliez, Philippe Dany, an architect and Mme Severin a chemist. In France the Germans are continuing their infantry attacks on French positions northeast of Souchez. The French report all have been repulsed thus far.

Edith Cavell(a)

In the Balkans, today Italy declared war on Bulgaria. Also Servian troops have fallen back from their positions in northern Servia under ferocious Bulgarian and German assault. British and French troops have been dispatched from Salonica to assist the Servian army. In the Dardanelles the commander of the British forces has been relieved of command. General Sir Ian Hamilton has been replaced by Major General Charles Carmichael Munro.