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There will be rain this afternoon and throughout the evening. Temperatures will be colder than yesterday with the high reaching 32° and the low about 29°. On this the 109th birthday of Abraham Lincoln dozens of celebrations, remembrances, flag raisings and other gatherings will be held throughout the city. All the public and parochial schools will be commemorating the day with patriotic assemblies. Public buildings and banks are closed today. Trade Unions citywide will also be holding patriotic rallies and at the Metropolitan Opera House this evening a big Americanization rally will be held for immigrants. Of course all Civil War veterans organizations will be holding ceremonies this evening.

The Grand Patriotic Parade for our boys is taking shape. The plans are for the parade to be held on President Washington’s Birthday, February 22. The route of the parade will be along Broad Street although the exact march is still being decided. After the parade time will be set aside for the men to spend the evening with their family and friends. And today Director General of the Railroads William Gibbs McAdoo gave his full support to transporting the men from Camp Meade to Philadelphia. Unfortunately due to costs only the 312th and 315th regiments will be brought north. These regiments were chosen because they are 100% made up of Philadelphia men. Also, allowing Philadelphia men from other regiments not totally of this city would disrupt the training of those units.

In national news, Assistant Secretary of the Navy Franklin D. Roosevelt has announced he will not run for Governor of New York. Mr. Roosevelt said his intention is to remain in his current position and help to win the war. Mr. Roosevelt also said “I certainly do not intend to dabble in New York politics”.


American war news passed by the censor: A huge artillery battle is underway between American and German batteries. Reportedly German guns began firing on the American positions at 7:00am. Our artillery responded shortly thereafter. As of this afternoon the battle is still ongoing. From the eastern front comes the news that the independent Republic of Ukrainia has also signed a peace treaty with the Central Powers. Both France and Great Britain recognized the Ukrainian Republic earlier this month.