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The forecast calls for clear, sunny skies over the region today. Unfortunately the severe heat continues with the high expected to reach 97° and the low tonight only near 75°. Mr. George Bliss, Forecaster of the Philadelphia Weather Bureau, said today will be the hottest day of the year thus far and predicts tomorrow will be just as hot.

All over the country American men who were called in the draft on July 20 began reporting to designated stations for their medical examinations. Men claiming an exemption from the draft also reported today to have their excuse heard. The first group of Philadelphia men who were selected reported this morning to the 12th & Pine Streets police station for their examinations and hearings.

There has been some discussion by girls in the “smart set” concerning the lack of acceptable men available for marriage now, due to the war. And after the war the numbers could very well be worse. Unfortunately, some men will not return at all. And some men coming home will be lame, halt, blind or suffer from other terrible injuries. Therefore some are suggesting that girls looking for a husband must change their expectations to be able to find a match. Some girls may have to be willing to marry beneath their status. Marrying below one’s station may cause a girl who is used to being indulged in the finer things to feel discontent. And that can be ruinous to a marriage. So, that girl must be willing to give up certain luxuries and frivolities for love and for the making of a happy home.

Alternatively, others have suggested that unmarried girls consider becoming a nurse. This profession can open a world of possibilities. First, it will provide a steady income so the girl can procure the pretty things she wants on her own. But more importantly it is reported that even an ordinary looking nurse receives up to 12 marriage proposals a year!

Some of these proposals may come from doctors so there will likely be no diminution in her status. But most will be received from patients. Granted, many of those patients will be of the working classes or even immigrants but after recovering from illness or war wounds they could become good providers and with the help of a good woman, may even become well-to-do professional men. And a caring, dutiful nurse who helped a man through his time of pain and difficulty will certainly find a place in his heart and become the object of his affection.