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Today’s weather will bring overcast, unsettled skies with showers and perhaps thunderstorms this evening and tomorrow. The high will reach 82° with the low tonight near 65°.  More Socialists have been arrested. The arrests were made early this morning at 1535 South Street where the group was holding a meeting. Policeman Joseph Miller of the 3rd & Dickinson Station had secreted himself under the stairway where he could hear the meeting. While there he heard the Socialists denouncing the flag and the United States government.

Unfortunately, at some point the Socialists discovered him and began attacking him. The officer pulled his gun and threatened to shoot unless they all stood back. He then called out to a passerby to summon additional police. Within minutes dozens of officers were at the scene. In total 49 persons including 13 women and 36 men were arrested. At the police station the Socialists claimed the meeting was peaceful and nothing disparaging was said against the flag or the country. It was then revealed that Officer Miller speaks both Russian and Yiddish, the languages spoken at the meeting.

The group was arraigned before Magistrate Baker. Each was held on $1,000.00 bail. After imposing bail the Magistrate rebuked the defendants saying, it is dangerous in these perilous times to insult our flag and engage in sedition. He then advised them “If you do not like our country … go back to where you came from.” He said this because only 4 of those arrested are naturalized citizens, the rest are immigrants.

In motion picture entertainment this weekend, at the Overbrook, 63rd & Haverford, Clara Kimball Young stars in “The Easiest Way”, the story of a young woman so desperate to escape poverty that she forsakes her true love to live in sin with a wealthy man. At the Savoy, 12th & Market, Harold Lockwood stars in “The Haunted Pajamas”, a fantasy tale about cursed pajamas from China. The curse causes whoever wears the pajamas to be transformed into the image of a previous wearer. An interesting sequence occurs when a male friend of Lockwood’s character visits and while wearing the pajamas turns into a beautiful woman. Lockwood’s character then falls in love with the “woman” causing great confusion.

And at the Stanley, 16th & Market, Wallace Reid and Kathlyn Williams star in “Big Timber”, the tale of a woman who marries a lumberjack but finds life in the wilderness too daunting. She leaves him to return to the city. Only then does she realize her love for her husband and returns to the timber region.