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There will be fair skies today with slightly warmer temperatures. The high will reach 53° with a low of 40°. The results of yesterday’s elections have given the Republican Party an unexpected and momentous victory. Republicans now control both houses of Congress. The Republicans picked up 6 seats in the Senate giving them a 2 seat majority. While in the House of Representative the Republicans gained 25 seats giving them a majority of 240 to the Democrats 192.

Some commentators blame the Democratic loss on the policies of President Wilson. Mr. Wilson has expanded the use of executive powers and has often evidenced an autocratic temper with those questioning his actions. The President also campaigned asserting that voting for Democrats was evidence of personal support for him. It is believed many voters wanted a return to Constitutional government which included the role of Congress in decisions to often recently taken by the Executive branch alone.

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania the Republican Party achieved a landside win. State Senator William Sproul has won the Governorship by almost 250,000 votes over Democrat Eugene C. Bonniwell. Even in this city, Judge Bonniwell’s home, Senator Sproul received 93,377 more votes than his opponent.

William C. Sproul

Governor-elect Sproul was born in Lancaster County in 1870. In 1883 his family moved to Chester. He is a graduate of Chester High School and Swarthmore College, graduating with honors in 1891. At one time he was an owner of the Chester Daily Times newspaper. He also developed business interests in shipbuilding and railroad companies. In politics he represented Delaware County in the state senate.

In sports, tonight at the Olympia A.A., Broad & Bainbridge Streets, Jack Dempsey will face off against this city’s own Battling Levinsky. The fight is scheduled for 6 rounds. Over the last year Mr. Dempsey has come on as a true force in the heavyweight class. Now he has a chance to show Philadelphia fans if he is the real thing. Levinsky, whose real name is Barney Lebrowitz, is one of the best heavyweights in the game. He is quick on his feet and knows how to hit. He also has never been knocked out. The doors open at 8:00pm. Also on the card tonight: Johnny Dundee meets Gussie Lewis; Joe Burman takes on Young Terry McGovern; and George Ward fights the Alabama Kid.