There will be fair skies today but with developing clouds as the evening progresses. The high will be about 61° and the low around 54°.

In the case of Ida Riehl, which was reported here yesterday, new information has come from City Hall. It appears the girl has captured the sympathy of many officials. The policeman that arrested her has said he was sorry to have to do so. The detectives that brought her to court told her to “be brave little girl, all will come out right”. Supposedly none of the judges wish to be the one to try the case. The Coroner is trying to transfer the matter to one of his deputies, the magistrate that arraigned her said it was the most unpleasant duty of his life and all the assistant district attorneys are attempting to arrange their schedules so they will be on vacation when the matter is assigned for trial. No one seems to doubt that she will be acquitted by a jury. Because she is with child, Ida was taken to the Philadelphia Hospital today. As she walked through the building hundreds of employees and visitors lined the corridors to wish her well and voice their support.

15,000 Knights Templar marched 12 abreast up Broad Street today to the sounds of “Onward, Christian soldiers” (shown here).


A crowd of at least 50,000 watched as the knights proudly paraded past. Some of the Knights wore the medieval garb of the ancient crusaders (shown here).


This is the 62nd conclave of the Grand Commandery of the Knights Templar of Pennsylvania. The activities of the conclave includ a grand ball which will be held tonight at Convention Hall, Broad & Allegheny.

On the sports scene, in boxing at the Fairmount Club tonight Ty Cobb (no, not that one) of Southwark will face Al Britt of Baltimore in the wind-up bout. Five other matches are on the card. In last night’s fight at the Olympia A.A., newsboy champion Lew Tendler took the better of “Louisiana” in a slow, methodical fight. In baseball, the Phillies got a win against the 1st place Cubs at National League Park today behind the 2 hit, shutout pitching of Grover Cleveland Alexander. The final score was 3 to 0. The A’s also won out in Cleveland 6 to 5.


Reports from Geneva are that 3 Italian army corps of approximately 120,000 men have invaded Austria. The Italians have mounted an offensive toward Trieste and so far have captured 5 towns across the border. Also Italian torpedo boats have attacked the Austrian harbor of Porto Buso at the head of the Adriatic Sea. King Victor Emmanuel has left Rome and is proceeding to the front to take personal command of operations.