There will be showers and probably thunderstorms throughout the day today and tonight. The high may reach 76° and the low tonight about 55°.

The sad story of Ida Riehl (shown below), 17 years old of 410 West Cambria Street was told today from a jail cell in City Hall where she awaits a coroner’s inquest on Friday. Ida is charged with killing Edmond C. Hauptfuhrer, 20 years old, a man she says she still loves. She shot Hauptfuhrer after he refused her pleas to marry her as he had promised and laughed and sneered at her when she told him she was carrying their baby.

5-24-1915 Ida Riehl

Ida’s face is soft with large gray eyes and framed by dark brown hair. She wept as she said she couldn’t bear to bring a child into the world without a name or a father. She admitted doing wrong with Hauptfuhrer but she loved him and trusted him. Ida worked as a waitress in her father’s restaurant and met Hauptfuhrer when buying milk at his family’s dairy.

On learning she was with child she begged Hauptfuhrer to keep his promise but he refused. Finally on Saturday night she took a gun from her father’s safe and went to see him again. He laughed at her and spit in her face. It was too much and she shot him. Hauptfuhrer’s family said that he was totally innocent of any charges and claims against him. Ida’s father believes Hauptfuhrer took advantage of his daughter’s innocence and loving heart.

Today’s Phillies-Reds game has been postponed due to rain.  Out west on Sunday, the A’s took a beating from Detroit, 10 to 5. This afternoon the A’s started a 3 game series in Cleveland winning the opener 5 to 4. In boxing, bantamweight Lew Tendler, the local newsboy turned boxer, will meet “Louisiana” in the wind-up match tonight at the Olympia A.A., Broad & Bainbridge. In golf, at the Philadelphia Cricket Club the women’s individual golf championship of Philadelphia began this morning. Seventy ladies are vying for the title. Qualifying rounds will be held today to bring the number of participants down to 16.


On Sunday afternoon, May 23rd in Vienna, Austria, the Italian Ambassador, the Duke of Avarna, presented to Baron von Burian, the Austro-Hungarian Foreign Minister, Italy’s declaration of war against the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The declaration was presented on authority of King Victor Emmanuel and advised Austria-Hungry that hostilities would commence on May 24. Today, Austria struck first bombing Venice from aeroplanes and from a torpedo boat flotilla. This afternoon Germany declared war on Italy.