On this page we will look back at life in the city during the war years. Here we will provide the visitor with the stories making the news, what was happening in sports and entertainment, city politics, the social scene and the prominent people at the time. We will also recount the events occurring in the war on that day. So, check back each day for new editions.

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There will be clear, fair skies over the city today and this evening. The high will reach 63° and the overnight low about 52°. The transit measure carried overwhelmingly in yesterday’s voting. The voters of this city voted 140,345 for the loan with only 41,630 against. The $67,100,000.00 dollars will now be borrowed to continue the construction of the Frankford Elevated and the Broad Street Subway. In the Presidential primary President Wilson was unopposed on the Democratic ticket and gathered 15,155 votes. On the Republican side, Governor Brumbaugh received 68,837 votes; Henry Ford received 3,314 votes; Theodore Roosevelt received 2,036 votes; Supreme Court Justice Hughes garnered 509 votes; and Charlie Chaplin received 1 vote.

In the city’s factional fight between the Vare Brothers and the Penrose-McNichol forces the Vares were victorious gaining or retaining the congressional and state legislature nominations here. However, Senator Penrose was the victor state wide gaining the majority of delegates to the Republican convention. His chosen candidates were also victorious in 4 congressman-at-large nominations, 2 justices of the state Supreme Court and state Auditor General.

The 3rd annual flower market opened today in Rittenhouse Square. Floral beauty transformed the square in the name of charity. The matrons and maids of Philadelphia society will be presiding over the booths and other stands throughout the day. All proceeds from the fair will go to the Playgrounds Association, the Visiting Nurses Society, the College Settlement and the Rittenhouse Square Improvement Society. Along with the flowers there are pony rides for the children and lemonade and ice cream for all. And birds, furniture and fresh dairy products including butter churned while you wait are all available for purchase.

Residents of this city of Norwegian heritage are celebrating that country’s version of the 4th of July today. Today is the 101st anniversary of the adoption of the Norwegian Constitution which separated Norway from Denmark. Homes of Norwegians here are gaily decorated as are the Norwegian vessels in port.

On the sports scene, in golf today at the Philmont Country Club in Huntington Valley, 150 golfers teed off for the Fridolyn Cup. The trophy is the gift of Mr. Ellis Gimbel and named in honor of his daughter, Mrs. David Fleisher, formerly Miss Fridolyn Gimbel.

Miss Fridolyn Gimbel

Miss Fridolyn Gimbel

The golfers are equally divided by sex and will compete in the tournament in mixed foursomes. In baseball, the Phillies game out in Pittsburgh is cancelled today due to cold weather. Rain fell on that city yesterday drenching Forbes Field and the fridge temperature today forced the postponement.  Here at Shibe Park, the Browns got the better of the A’s, 7 to 4.